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March 13, 2012

Ebook: The Chaulukyas of Gujarat

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The Chaulukyas of Gujarat

March 7, 2012

Ebook: China is Red With the Blood of Peasants

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On request : An anti commnunist book by the late Sri Sita Ram Goel.


China is Red with the Blood of Peasents

March 4, 2012

Books on Various Sastra’s

A collection of books on various Sastra’s such as Silpa sastra (science of architecture,mechanics etc),Gajasastra (science of elephants),Asvasastra (science of horses),Natyasastra (drama),Vastu Sastra etc.All of them are rare and out of print now.

Vastu Shastra


Viswakarma Vastu Sastra


Mriga pakshi Shastra

Principles of Silpashastra

Indian Architecture According to Silpasastra

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