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April 29, 2016

My new novel- “Indrajit”

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“From the impenetrable mist came growling sounds…and a scream shattered the silent night.”

September 682 CE:  The army of Islam stands ready to sweep the Hindu Kingdom of Kapisa into oblivion.

Only two warriors stand in its way—Indrajit, the dashing warrior from India and Rustom the Persian.

When the two warriors capture a secret Arab message, little do they know of the wild ride ahead! They must race against time and evil forces to deliver the message to Kapisa.

Will they get the message through in time?

Will the evil forces overcome them?

A swashbuckling tale of sword and sorcery with demonic beasts, the undead and evil unlimited.


Interested?Intrigued? Then have a look at the sample chapter from my novel “Indrajit- The Siege of Kamboja”.

Indrajit Sample Chapter


Want to read more ? Buy it from the Amazon Kindle store here:

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