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May 25, 2013

Tutorial on Converting books on Digital Library of India to PDF format

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This tutorial on converting DLI books to pdf format replaces the earlier tutorial I had posted. The tutorial I have created is in two parts :

1. An introduction to the digital sources of Indian history online.This covers most of the copyright free or open source resources.

2. The second part is the tutorial on converting the TIFF format books on DLI into readable PDF format.

This was a presentation I made at the seminar held at Pondicherry University from 4-5th April 2013. It was conducted by the Department of  History,Pondicherry University to commemorate completion of 25 years of the department. The seminar was an excellent experience and I had the opportunity to interact with several scholars in the field of epigraphy and history.My thanks to the staff and students of the Department of History for their excellent hospitality.

The tutorial is based on the DLI tutorial created by Vinay Shetty.My thanks to him for this great resource.

Pondicherry presentation 05-04-2013

May 16, 2013

Exclusive blog for Indian history ebooks

Dear all,

I am creating a ring of blogs exclusively devoted to Indian history,culture books. My plan is to upload as many books as possible.

The blogs  are as follows:










The books already posted here will be left as is.

I will be uploading the entire Epigraphia Indica Series shortly.  Done! All volunes uploaded

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