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May 16, 2014

The Victory of Lata Naresh Narendra Modi, an occasion to celebrate or to contemplate on the future?

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The overwhelming victory of Lata Naresh Narendra Modi  although an occasion for celebration, has agitated my mind due to some parallels in our history. To elaborate my point, I will discuss two seemingly separate but deeply interlinked strands of thought.

The main question which has perplexed me for some time now is : Are we heading for another battle of Panipat/ Tarain type situation?

In the long term I see this as a sign of Hindu resurgence which has been going on for the last 800 odd years. There is no doubt in my mind that eventually the wave of Sanatana Dharma will sweep across Bharata and across Asia like a tsunami, but for this there will be first a major retreat and consolidation of Hindus.I will expound on this further at a later point of time. However in the short term it might signal that we are being setup for a fall by the Semitic forces (Christianity and Islam).

I will first focus on a particular episode of  history before delving down into the strategic relevance of  Narendra Modi’s victory.

Remembering the Sankranti of 1761 CE

We need to rewind back in time to 1760 CE. Our eyes behold the fleet horses and the hardy warriors of the Marathas breaking the soil of Northern India under their feet. This year seems to herald the dawn of a golden age for the Hindus, where for the first time in centuries the saffron flag is fluttering over both Southern and Northern India. Nothing can stand in the way of the thundering Maratha horse, as it sweeps Islamic armies like flotsam. The restoration of Hindu rule in Delhi seems a foregone conclusion. However, political compulsions of the Gangetic plains force the Marathas to keep the puppet Mughal emperor Shah Alam on the peacock throne of Delhi.

This calm is actually the lull before the storm. The Afghan hordes under Ahmed Shah Abdali pour into Bharata answering their Muslim kins call for help against the kafir Maharattas. At first skirmishes rage between the two lions, culminating in a climatic battle near Panipat on 14th January 1761.The Maratha lion is badly mauled but not before inflicting mortal wounds on the Afghan invaders. This is the first battle of Panipat, where the invader does not become the ruler of Delhi. Although the fresh Islamic jihad is fought to a stalemate, this defeat results in the loss of an entire generation of superb military leaders of the Maratha army.The massacre and rape of Maratha civilians was one of the side horrors of this defeat. This irreparable loss then puts to paid Hindu expansion plans for another generation, by which time ( the 1780’s) the firangis are fast emerging as a formidable challenger.( a better and more accurate view of the Battle of Panipat can be found on Kalchirons blog).

The intervening British interlude with all its horrors debilitated the Hindu spirit and gave a fresh infusion of life to the Islamic jihad.

The March of armies from Lata (Gujarat) to Dhillika (Delhi)

Having had that background, we delve deeper into attempts by Hindus from Lata to wrest power from the Delhi Sultanate and its various incarnations over the years (including the Indian National Congress).

The impending victory of Gurjara Naresh Narendra Modi can be interpreted as Hindus  of Bharata collectively placing their hope on the ruler of Gujarat to salvage the dire situation which faces Bharata today. In the last 822 years this is probably the first time that the forces of Lata (Gujarat) have stormed Delhi successfully. Although Gujarat suffered under Islamic rule for over 400 years, Hindu’s in Lata have retained a strong affinity towards their religion. Below is a brief overview of previous attempts by rulers of Lata at restoring Hindu supremacy in Northern India. I have taken the defeat of Prithviraj Chauhan in 1192 CE as the starting point.

1. The first attempt started off soon after establishment of Islamic rule in Delhi. During the 1200’s, the armies of Lata were operating as far as Ajmer and were engaged in helping the remnants of the Chauhan forces to fight Qutb-ud-din Aibak. A further study is needed as to why these attempts petered out. In the meanwhile, Aibak was given a stout fight by the hardy Solanki kings.

2. The second major attempt was around 1320 CE, when Khusrau eliminated Qutb-ud-din Mubarak Khilji ( the son of Ala-ud-din and a particularly vicious jihadi).Khusrau was of Gujarati origin and most probably from the Bharwad community of Gujarat. Around 50,000 of his kinsmen stormed Delhi and for the brief period of a few months, Delhi was back in Hindu hands. But this ended with Khusrau’s defeat and death at the hands of Ghiyaz-ud-din Tughlaq.

3. The third major attempt was actually the near installation of Sardar Patel as the first prime minister of India. But this was botched up by the “secular” cohorts of the  Congress who choose an Anglicised- Islamised Nehru. The disastrous results this had for Hindu society are there for all to see.

4. This attempt is the fourth major attempt, and by the looks of it Lata Naresh Narendra Modi is ready to become the first major Hindu ruler of Delhi after Vikramaditya Hemachandra.

This brings me back to the nagging thought at the back of my mind: Are we being setup for a fall by the Christian countries? What will be their next move?

They will in all probability use the Islamic jihadi’s and the Chinese Hans to launch a coordinated strike against Bharata. This will most likely culminate in the fifth battle of Panipat. How many years down the line? It’s anybody’s guess. In my reckoning, not very far down the line. If we keep in mind the fact that the Congress has always been a proxy for Christian interests, the gradual erosion of our military and economic capability begins to make sense. The first thing to do for the new government is to setup a strong reserve to counter a Panipat type situation, wherein the invader walks away albeit badly wounded.This time no invader should be allowed to even crawl back out of Bharata.

Despite the “technological” advances since 1761 CE we are actually in a much weaker position in terms of clarity of purpose and the single mindedness to defend Dharma.

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