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March 10, 2013

Sources of Indian History

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I am writing this post in response to a blog readers request for original  sources of historical information from the Dharmic fold.At this stage it is simply a haphazard collection of  what little I know.However over time I will give it form and structure,so that it becomes a kind of ready e recokner.I will be updating this regularly.

Excessive reliance on biased and bigoted narrative of Islamic historians has led to a skewed and wrong understanding of our history.Added to this is the air-brushing conducted by the establishment in India.Even amongst the Islamic sources the knowledge pool comes from a select collection of published manuscripts.The same lies are repeated ad nauseum.

My recommendations to anyone wishing to delve deeper into primary sources are :

1. Build up a knowledge of languages of the subject you wish to study. For e.g.this could be old gujarati,prakrit,Sanskrit etc. To uncover the truth one should have the readiness to go all the way.You should be in a postion to judge wether the translation is true to the original or does it introduce distortions to the understanding of the original manuscript/inscription.

2. Have a barebones knowledge of the conventionaly accepted timelines and be ready to throw them out of the window.During your research you will most likely come across an anamolous fact that flies in the face of the existing narrative.Dont ignore it,delve deeper and if required reconfigure your understanding of our history.

3. Your search should be for the truth.Nothing more,nothing less.


I know some readers of my blog are pretty well versed in history of North/Western India.I would request them to add more information,which I will append here (with credits to the poster).

Sources of  the history of Uttarapatha  & Lata ( North India and Gujarat)

My knowledge of  the history of North and Western India is barebones at the best.However I will give sources as I come across them.

1. Prabandha : Prabandha’s are medieval mahakavya’s ( epic poems) authored by Jaina monks.These are written in Prakrit,Sanskrit and old Gujarati/Rajasthani.These are an invaluable source of  Dharmic history.Some of the famous ones are

i. Prabandhachintamani of Merutunga,

ii. Kanhadade Prabandha : This was  transalted by Prof. V.S. Bhatnagar and published by Aditya prakashan. It  describes the epic battles of  Kanhadeva Songara, the ruler of Jalor against Ala-ud-din Khilji.The devastation of  Lata at the hands of the Islamic hordes is described in detail.

The biggest repositories of  these works are in Gujarat and Rajasthan.They are in Jaina bhandara’s (manuscript collections),Indological institutes ( L.D.Institute of Indology in Ahmedabad,Rajasthan Oriental Research Institute,Oriental Institute at Baroda etc).


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